All you see (v1)

You cannot control what you see.
Sterilized TV programs train your brain
Breaking news made up in the color of pain.
You, you, you, you and me were formated …
You cannot check the man you are.
Exploited primitive by all the world brands.
Breast-fed by anything made in "dollarland ".
You, you, you, you and me were dupplicated…
Live with the sin in harmony.
Fanatic sacrificing for a supreme boss
No redemption in our stations of the Cross.
You, you, you, you and me won't ever be free
       All you see comes from bad TV.
       All you see, (it's) not reality.
       Only a view from authority;
       Lies and no mercy! All you see.
Guided by new missionary
Masonic lodges run by financial bandits.
Forget the borders, push away the limits.
You, you, you, you and me shall always be on knees.
Dethroned by sophisticated
Mistresses, released from the medieval complexes
Degrading the men with power, cash and sex.
You, you, you, you and me were dominated…
Checking nothing more, you undergo.
Life wont' ever be "easy come, easy go".
For sharks around, we'll always be an easy prey
You, you, you, you and me do work for their money.




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